Gal Gohan Chapter 35

Mediafire Link: Ch 35

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Monster Musume no Oishasan Ch 3

Mediafire Link: Ch 3

It seems Biamam Scans has dropped this series, as they have not uploaded a chapter in months and not replied to any email on the subject. Thus, we’ve picked this up! Whether or not that’s long term depends on raw and TL availability and if Biamam Scans comes back!


Status update on Killing Bites

We have not dropped Killing Bites. We are simply waiting for our translator to return. They have been missing since July 24th, and were supposed to come back at the end of August. Thus, we’re either stuck waiting for them to return or hoping that a new translator will step up to the plate and do the TL. If you are interested in doing said TL, get in touch!

UPDATE: Hauau (our TL) has gotten back in touch. They’re doing just fine, and are waiting to have their computer shipped to them. They expect it to take another 2 weeks, so we may possibly have a new chapter end of September or early October.

UPDATE #2 (Oct 9th): No word yet. I realize you’re all eager for releases to continue but unless you’re offering to help quit spamming the comments and emails about it.

UPDATE #3 (Oct 30th): We have a script and it’s being typeset. The TL is stepping down though so this may be our last chapter until a new TL steps up.